Sprint owner SoftBank may be calling off T-Mobile merger

Cherlynn Low

One of the biggest on-again, off-again relationships in tech is reportedly off again. After the most recent rumors indicated a possible late October merger, Nikkei Asian Review is reporting that Sprint's parent company, Japan's SoftBank group, intends to call off the union. According to Nikkei, SoftBank and T-Mobile's owner Deutsche Telekom had reached a broad agreement to integrate the two major US carriers, but couldn't work out an ownership ratio that satisfied both companies.

Nikkei's sources indicate that SoftBank board members decided to call the talks off on Monday, after a Friday meeting where executives determined "the company would not give up control." SoftBank is reportedly expected to propose to Deutsche Telekom on Tuesday that they end negotiations.

Whether that would get Deutsche Telekom to change its mind about the ownership structure is not clear, and we've reached out to Sprint and T-Mobile for comment on this story. Meanwhile, it appears the merger of America's third- and fourth-largest carriers remains in limbo.

Nikkei Asian Review

  • This article originally appeared on Engadget.