Sproing cardio machine is like "running on a beach"

Love running but hate the wear and tear on your knees? The new Sproing cardio machine is launching its "finished product" at this weekend's massive IHRSA fitness trade show in Las Vegas, after debuting a prototype back in 2011.

Sproing comes with two interchangeable, impact-absorbing surfaces that aim to go easy on the knees. To use the machine, you wear a vest attached to bungee resistance cords and get moving, or more like hopping -- the combination of surface and bungee resistance keeps you bouncing on the balls of your feet instead of pounding your heels on a treadmill. The end result: a reduction in impact to your knees by 50 percent and back by 41 percent compared to treadmills, claims the company.

The new design adds more molded plastic to the original, which gyms seem to favor says the company. Plus Sproing now features four strength pods on the back corners of the device, to add strength training into the cradio mix.

"Sproing is good for all ages," Sproing CEO and cofounder Paul Toback told Relaxnews. "We have had users in their 70s who love it for its self-pacing and soft surface."

Learn more about Sproing: http://sproingfitness.com

Watch: http://vimeo.com/47015721