Spycam found in Shin Se-kyung, Yoon Bo-mi's room

24 Sep – The production team behind cable network O'live show, "Borderless Food Court" (also known as "Pocha Beyond Borders") recently confirmed the existence of a hidden camera in the room of the show's cast members, Shin Se-kyung and Yoon Bo-mi.

As reported on Korea Herald, in a statement released the show stated that the hidden camera, which was found by Shin in their room, was disguised as a portable battery and placed by an employee of an outsourced company responsible for setting cameras on the show.

"We found that the illegally installed camera was his personal belonging brought at his own discretion. We confirmed that the camera didn't contain any problematic footage and nothing has been leaked," said the show.

They also assured that all the equipment has been confiscated and that the employee himself voluntarily went to the police, and revealed that he committed the crime "out of curiosity".

The show also expressed hope that the public will not spark further speculations about the issue as it is currently under investigation.

(Photo Source: Soompi)