St Hilda's Secondary School boys fight in classroom as adult watches

A fight took place at St Hilda’s Secondary School. Screenshot from video.
A fight took place at St Hilda’s Secondary School. Screenshot from video.

A video has been circulating online of a group of boys from St Hilda’s Secondary School (SHSS) fighting in a classroom while an adult looks on.

The clip was shared on various Facebook pages on Thursday (14 September). SHSS confirmed that there was a “disciplinary issue” on 11 September which involved two students fighting with another student.

In the video, boys wearing “St Hilda’s Secondary” shirts throw punches at each other in a classroom and shout obscenities at each other. A student can be heard shouting “stop it!” as the boys fight.

During the brawl, an adult was seen in the doorway watching the fight, but did not intervene. According to Tan Yee Leng, vice-principal of SHSS, the adult is an intern with an external agency.

Tan said, “An intern with an external agency chanced upon the incident when walking along the corridor, and had called out to the students to stop the fight but they did not heed him. Since he is not one of our teachers, he would not have the training or authority to manage the situation.”

Tan did not answer Yahoo News Singapore’s query about the agency’s role with SHSS.

A male student eventually stepped in to break up the fight.

Tan added, “The school has addressed the matter by counselling the students involved, and applying appropriate disciplinary measures. We are also working with their parents to help our students learn from the incident. We take all incidents of fighting seriously, and we are confident that our teachers will be able to manage and correct inappropriate behaviour.”

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