St James Rupee club suspended and 11 people arrested over sexual services

Photo: Cover image of Rupee St James – Bollywood Gentlemen’s Club: Facebook

A club at St James Power Station has been suspended while nine women and two men have been arrested for suspected involvement in providing sexual services under new rules governing such outlets.

The club’s Public Entertainment Licence was suspended on Friday (8 December) under the enhanced regulatory powers of the Public Entertainments Act, the police said in a statement on Monday (11 December).

Yahoo News Singapore understands that the club being investigated is Rupee St James – Bollywood Gentlemen’s Club.

Preliminary investigations revealed that a vice syndicate has been using the club to operate and provide sexual services to its clients, the police said. Clients book the services of women via the club’s management at between $500 and $1000.

Under the Women’s Charter, any person who knowingly lives on the earnings of the prostitution of another person faces a maximum jail term of five years and a fine of up to $10,000.

Rupee is the first entertainment outlet to be suspended since the Act was revised on 1 August 2017. Under the amended Act, a licence may be suspended or cancelled if the licensee is deemed unfit to hold such a licence.