Stairs place Bali’s attractions off-limits to the disabled

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Stairs place Bali’s attractions off-limits to the disabled

Bali’s beauty radiates through its myriad tourists attractions. However, even in these famed locations, the needs of the disabled are often neglected.

The absence of access for the disabled is not only visible at purely recreational areas such as beaches or amusement parks, but also at the island’s temples, which attract tourists’ attention as well.

Temples without access for the disabled are inconvenient, especially for locals with special needs who wish to perform religious rituals.

While the temples’ architecture may follow certain, long-established patterns, minor modifications to make them friendlier for disabled people are unlikely to break any sacred traditions.

“It does not require massive renovation; we can provide a new entrance,” I Nyoman Dana, founder of Bunga Jepun Foundation, told Bali Daily.

Dana and his non-profit foundation have been helping people with disabilities in many parts of Indonesia. “People with disabilities are expected to be legally protected under a proposed bylaw on disabilities. [The matter is] currently being discussed at the Bali Legislative Council,” he said.

The cliffs along the coast of South Bali, for instance, can lead to good access and views of many wonderful beaches. Yet, the hundreds of stairs there prevent those with certain disabilities from fully enjoying the area’s beauty. (rad)