StanChart robbery suspect: Either we let him go free or face trial – Shanmugam

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    I remembered former US president ever pleaded for Michael Fay's caning to be omitted but in vain. But now?
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    Please say no more. A double standard is a double standard.
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    Mason Tan
    OMG , let hin go free or face trial ??? what kind of statement is this , after commit stealing from bank , can be set free or maybe go trial ? if he is local then statement is different , must be taught a lesson so to stop and deter others from doing same thing , how can people like this be minister and law some more ??? OMG .
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    This country is getting smaller and smaller. Next time. Still remember the Romanian foreign ambassador who flew back home after hit and run case. "Yawn"
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    Victor Dragon
    Clear double standard. Not enough gutso to deal with a simple case. Clear loss of sovereignty here !!!!
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    Either sg agrees to no caning or no extradition. So no choice. Some posters commented on the Michael Fay matter but he was arrested in Singapore so sg can impose whatever punishment according to sg law. Some say that it appears that the executive is imposing it's condition on the judiciary but I disagree. The judiciary has to accept the state's international agreements in enforcing the law.
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    Will UK put up same request if this robber is from Asia?
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    I still salute to Indonesia president. .To protect his country from drug, he executes everyone who smuggles drug.
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    This 'shame' is completely useless. we should never compromise our laws. if we compromise just one time then its game over cos we're setting a precendence for future cases. We'll also be telling the whole world that our laws are open to negotiation . . . very very wrong!!!

    UK signed the extradition treaty with us KNOWING that we've corporal and capital punishment so they should abide by the terms of the treaty and extradite the criminal without making such unreasonable demands. Singapore should never agree to such unreasonable demands.
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    I was hoping our tough talking minister would challenge UK authorities but guessed he is only tough locally.