StanChart robbery suspect will not be caned if found guilty by Singapore court: MHA

  • C
    when is Yingluck coming to Singapore.
    Thailand cannot catch her in Singapore, no extraction agreement.
  • A
    That's why I say SG has multiple standards. Who will respect law if that's the case?
  • 小Lee飞刀
    Expected . Protect Human Rights of the criminal is more important than punish the criminal This is why crime rate in western countries rule high all the years.
  • d
    Cannot cane then how? Increase the jail term? But that means we need to feed him for free in prison longer?
  • W
    Is it within Singapore's Constitution that the legislators (law minister) is able to decide for the judicial (judges) the scope of sentence before the trial (on this case - no caning)?
    Can someone enlighten me.
    Singapore should not accept UK condition for Roach's extradiction as a matter of principal but take them to the international court for a decision as a bad precedant is now set for future cases.
    We should also consider options other than caning to deter hard core criminals.
    Possible alternatives are hard labour (breaking large granite with a small hammer in the hot Sun), solitary confinement (windowless small jail cell), cold air "comfort" conditioning, corrective "boot camp", etc.
    There are certainly alternatives to caning!
  • M
    Should cane the bank employees.
  • D
    Ding Feng
    This is wrong for the UK to demand how a criminal should be sentenced ignoring Singapore's sovereignty. Countries should have mutual respect for each other's legal system rather than to belittle others. If Singapore being a big country with strong military, the UK will not behave like it does. It thinks that Singapore is still its colony. British should wake up to face reality that it's a failed ex-empire.
  • H
    Oh Thaksin and Yingluck is welcome in Singapore. Thailand cannot do anything about it.
  • n
    no fake blog
    very strange indeed.
    ON the one hand, we are advocating that no one is above the law in terms of punishment for criminals especially Singaporeans. And that we are a country ruled by law and order.
    But in this case, a side agreement with the UK, allows Ang Moh to be given a much lightened punishment?
    So if i did the same, who can I turn to to waive the caning, especially I am not Ang Moh.
    Locals are increasing feeling the double standards .
    Read the comment of David ( and others ) below as well to get a sense of local sentiment pf being discriminated in our own country.
  • J
    Singapore is a soverign country with its own laws. Other countries got no right to demand how a criminal is to be punished.