Star Wars' Ahsoka includes heartbreaking detail you might have missed

Star Wars: Ahsoka spoilers follow.

The latest episode of Ahsoka introduced another Star Wars: Rebels character into live-action. Jacen Syndulla is the son of legendary pilot Hera Syndulla and Jedi Kanan Jarrus, who sadly died while his other half was pregnant and never got to meet his child.

At the end of Ahsoka's third episode, Jacen runs into the scene and talks about how he's heard that Sabine Wren is undergoing Jedi training, and wants to be a Jedi himself. He doesn't outright say it, but it's clear he wants to follow in his father's footsteps.

But that's not the detail you might have missed, even if you've watched Rebels beforehand.

star wars ahsoka, jacen syndulla in a brown jacket with green hair speaks to green alien hera while standing next to chopper the droid

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While your eye was likely drawn to Jacen's uncommon green hair, if you look at his right shoulder you'll see he's wearing a pauldron, the same piece of armour that Kanan used to wear in his first outfit (before he was blinded and changed to a new look).

star wars rebels, kanan jarrus wields a lightsaber with armour on one shoulder and arm

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Will we get to see Jacen eventually train to become a Jedi himself? He does share a name with Jacen Solo, who was Han and Leia's son who became a powerful Force user in the old Star Wars Expanded Universe before the canon was reset when Disney took over the franchise.

He's also right age to be part of Luke Skywalker's attempt to raise new generation of Jedi, which obviously ended in tragedy when Kylo Ren killed them all, so maybe he's better off sticking to piloting instead.

Ahsoka drops new episodes every Wednesday (Tuesday night if you're in the US) on Disney+.

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