StarFab and STSP: Empowering young startups in today’s fast-paced market

StarFab and STSP: Empowering young startups in today’s fast-paced market

Emerging startups work best when powered by quality insights and mentorship

One of the biggest hurdles for emerging startups is that they are almost solely run by great ideas. What most startups lack is a grasp on the difficult technical and bureaucratic work that they have to go through in order for them to fully realise their plans.

More than that, emerging startups work best when powered by quality insights and mentorship. This is why left and right, we see initiatives that seek to educate, connect, and supplement startups across all fronts.

As such, in what is a partnership that culminated in Meet Taipei 2018, StarFab and STSP have come together to bridge emerging startups with established global Taiwanese institutions to help them gain ground in the market.

The product of this partnership is aptly titled the STSP Corporate-Startup Accelerator Program, a unique concept for startup acceleration where corporates support startups in taking their business to the next level. The Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP) offers promising entrepreneurs a unique chance to grow their startups with the support of an established enterprise through this program.

What prompted StarFab and STSP to form this partnership is the belief that it takes more than just a breakthrough idea and amplitudes of funding to fully realise startup success, and for that startup to ultimately establish itself in today’s competitive and fast-paced market.

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StarFab, having partnered with over 20 listed Taiwanese companies, sees itself as a partner of innovation, helping startups navigate through the inner workings of the industry and connecting them to large enterprises, in turn also enabling enterprises to engage with startups, inspiring innovation in the process

What’s in store for startups at Meet Taipei 2018

The Meet Taipei Startup Festival is the pioneering and leading startup event in Taiwan. Supported by the influential tech media, “Business Next”, and powered by the continuously growing startup community, “Meet”, Meet Taipei Startup Festival is an annual event that started in 2014.

During Meet Taipei 2018, startups participating in this year’s STSP Corporate-Startup Accelerator Program also enjoyed exclusive access to VCs, accelerators, and experts in different fields.

1. International Exposure
In order for startups to gain exposure to a bigger market, International Day brought together startups and international accelerators and investors, enabling startups to expand their network and meet potential partners for future ventures.

StarFab and STSP invited three international investors and accelerators to participate in the startup festival, engaging Taiwanese startups with an introduction to their programs and offering one-on-one sessions with each startup participant, giving startups more insights into regional market opportunities, and figuring out if and how their businesses may expand overseas.

2. Venture Capitalists
With VC mentors Taiwania Capital, CSC VC, Capital TEN, and Catalyst Capital Group on board, participating startups received feedback regarding their business models, their product-market fit, and even gained important tips on how to approach investors.

This exclusive mentorship event started out with partner VC mentors viewing short pitches from startups in the STSP Corporate-Startup Accelerator Program, and allowed each VC mentor to provide insights and feedback to each startup individually.

3. 1 on 1 Startup Checkups
On the last day of Meet Taipei, startups were provided with one-on-one consultation services with experts in different fields, deconstruct the technical aspects of a business model and getting down to the basics.

KPMG was on site to provide tax, audit, and assurance advisory consultation sessions, alongside from input on small volume production and other related matters from Might Electronics; and other valuation and appraisal related help from different experts.

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Participating startups are not only able to obtain exposure to a larger network through the program, but are also able to gain important insights on the strategic and operations level to embolden their business models, and ultimately equip themselves with learnings on the technical aspects of entrepreneurship.

Working in accordance to the best interest of emerging startups

With a commitment to true innovation, StarFab has always been on the lookout for innovative solutions through exceptional young entrepreneurs—with over 100 startups previously selected for their accelerator programs to date.

Hoping to equip extraordinary startups with the best resources, StarFab intends to help transform groundbreaking ideas into a successful reality. Featuring a diverse and high-caliber variety, this year’s roster of entrepreneurs is no different.

A plethora of startups with different focuses were chosen for the STSP Corporate-Startup Accelerator Program this year, ranging from products like a real time wireless IV infiltration detection and monitoring solution (Spectronik Medical), safe and intelligent high-power wireless charging system (PowerWoW), and advanced AIoT and image recognition solutions, such as fish and shrimp fry counting (Sea of Clouds) among many others.

Interested in finding out more about participating in StarFab’s corporate innovation programs, or even applying for one? Contact them here!

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