Starfield devs hear your cries: "We'd love to do city maps"

 Starfield frontier starship landing at HopeTech hq
Starfield frontier starship landing at HopeTech hq

Starfield's developer would "love to" eventually enable city maps in the new RPG.

Earlier today on September 13, Bethesda announced a string of new Starfield updates, revealing it'd add in several requested features, including a field of view slider, and the ability to eat food instead of first adding it to your inventory. The developer also added that it'd "love to" get around to adding other hotly-requested features for the game, including city maps.

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If you've been following Starfield since it launched earlier this month, you'll know players aren't pleased with its in-game map. In particular, it's the city maps that haven't gone down well, with players generally seeing the map as a step back from the likes of Skyrim and Fallout, since metropolises like New Atlantis or Akila City are apparently devoid of geographical features.

In fact, players have even taking matters into their own hands, creating an interactive online map of Starfield's cities. Players believed it was these sorts of maps, complete with shop and building locations, that should have been in the game itself, and now Bethesda is seemingly in agreement with its player base.

"Glad city maps are coming!" reads one of the top tweets underneath the one above. "Local maps!!! Yes please!!!" chimes in another Twitter user. Others are thankful like other details confirmed for Starfield's first update, including the FOV slider in particular.

Right now though, there's no timeframe for the city maps in Starfield. In fact, if we're taking the wording of Bethesda's announcement correctly, there's actually no guarantee updated city maps will ever even make it into the new spacefaring RPG. It's simply something the developer would "love" to do, in an ideal world.

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