Starfield player spawns thousands of milk cartons in space and smashes into them, resulting in one of the most majestic scenes I've ever witnessed

 An astronaut smashing into milk cartons
An astronaut smashing into milk cartons

I don't think I'll ever get tired of Starfield players gathering or spawning vast numbers of mundane objects and dumping them all in one place, but for now I think I've found my favourite. It involves a lot of milk, and not for the first time.

As shown off by Space_Scumbag in the Starfield subreddit, through the magic of console commands it's possible to spawn far too many milk cartons in space, leave your ship, and then joyfully smash into them, sending them hurtling into the void. It's truly a sight to behold.

Before the carnage begins, the cartons form a shape that calls to mind a race track, evocative of Mario Kart's Rainbow Road, but it's definitely not stable enough for a vehicle, as evidenced by what happens when the cartons are collided with. There's something undeniably appealing about demolishing neat, orderly rows of objects, and thanks to the lack of gravity, colliding with these cartons sees them dramatically spin off in all directions.

It really makes me wish that EVs were a feature rather than something only achievable through console commands. I love boarding ships after I've taken out their systems, leaving their interiors without gravity, but it would be even cooler getting into fights outside them, or exploring their hulls and planting explosives on them.

This video is a sequel to a similar experiment, where the same player unleashed 10,000 milk cartons upon New Atlantis. It's definitely worth checking out their YouTube channel, which is full of Starfield hijinks.