Starfield ships can get stupidly big, and one player built a flying mansion so huge they fractured their legs showing it off

 Starfield giant ship
Starfield giant ship

It turns out Starfield's spaceship can get unreasonably big, and one player wounded themselves showing off just how irresponsibly huge their ship was.

In the clip below from the Starfield subreddit, you'll find what's easily the biggest custom ship I've seen from Bethesda's new RPG so far. The owner has to exhaust nearly all of their Boost Pack meter just to reach the top of the gargantuan spaceship, which is really more of a flying apartment complex, as they take viewers on a tour of the craft.

There's no other way to put it: this ship is impossibly big. It's quite possibly too big, given that it probably can't turn very quickly in the outer reaches of space to counterattack pirates like Crimson Fleet fighters if they get behind the ship and blast it with cannons and missiles. It also must come close to crushing ships outright when the pilot tries to get close enough to board them.

The fire from the engines when taking off must be enough to turn half the spaceport to ash. I'd be very interested to know just how long it took for this player to painstakingly put the craft together, and also whether they could've made the spaceship even bigger if they wanted to. In the comments, one player claims to own an even more absurd five-story spaceship, which is just mind-blowing.

This ship is so tall, in fact, that the player actually fractures their legs when descending from the top of the ship even though they use their Boost Pack. "My knees hurt watching this," writes one commenter. I can't help but agree as I wince at the bone-crunching sound that comes with the fall.

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