Starfield thief discovers how to make over 9 million credits per hour by glitching through walls

 Starfield character stands in a rocky landscape.
Starfield character stands in a rocky landscape.

Starfield offers plenty of ways to make money, but if you're keen to get rich quickly and don't mind bending the rules a bit, this could be the option for you.

In a YouTube video, Starfield player DPJ has shared a method for making over 9 million credits per hour by glitching through walls. Like a previous Starfield infinite money glitch, it involves navigating outside of the map to reach a hidden chest containing a vendor's cash supply. The process is fairly straightforward, and all you'll need to pull it off is one point in the Boost Pack Training skill.

Boost packs at your disposal; you'll first have to make your way to Narion, more specifically, the Stroud-Ekland Staryard. Once there, simply walk in a straight line, and you'll quickly come to a room with various objects displayed on the wall and a ramp on the ground. From here, go along the ramp and approach the red object on the lower left of the wall. Keep pushing forward, and you'll glitch through the wall and find yourself on the outside of the room.

From this spot, a few simple jumps will take you to the Stroud-Ekland Store chest containing 160,000 credits. After you've pocketed the cash from the chest, you can quickly reset its contents by leaving your current location and flying to Venus. Once you arrive, have your character wait for six hours and return to Stroud-Ekland Staryard. The whole process takes only a minute or so, then just rinse and repeat and watch that lovely space cash roll in.

If you're looking for a quick way to gain experience, another cunning Starfield player has found a way to gain 100 levels in just five hours. This one doesn't involve any bugs or glitches, just a heck of a lot of crafting.

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