Starfield's gunplay is miles ahead of Fallout 4, and this Halo pro's wild headshot montage is all the proof you need


One Halo pro player has transferred their lightspeed reflexes over to Starfield, using the game’s powers, physics, and loveable jank to create a wildly cool headshot montage. The end result undoubtably proves that Starfield's gunplay is Bethesda's best yet.

YouTuber Mint Blitz is best known for making super satisfying montages in Halo, full of precise headshots and unreal movement hacks. My Halo envy has now turned into Starfield envy, as Mint Blitz’ perfect aim stays intact in the clip below. The video begins with a couple of impressive takedowns, but things really ramp up when Mint Blitz leaps onto a spaceship that’s about to take flight. When the ship is at an optimal height, it’s time to slow things down with the Phased Time power and whip out the sniper rifle. And the whole thing is capped off with an incredibly funny no-scope kill at the end, also delivered in slow motion for dramatic effect.

That’s probably the most elaborate 360 no-scope ever, right? Nearly breaking the game by clipping through spacecraft, almost exiting the atmosphere, and then achieving a no-scope while hurtling down to the ground has to be a historic play. At least, it's certainly cooler than anything you could do in Fallout 4. The feat is doubly impressive since, well, Starfield is far from the most elaborate shooter out right now, but Bethesda’s physics engine has impressed us more than once.

Instead of treating the game like a sweaty shooter, another expert player recently turned Starfield into a Dishonored-style immersive sim, using the game’s powers to carve through an enemy territory like a deadly assassin. Meanwhile, less productive types used the game’s wacky physics to flood rooms with potatoes or make toilet paper clouds. What is an RPG without choice, huh?

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