A start-up has developed a connected planter for distracted home gardeners

A start-up in Luxembourg has created a connected flowerpot which, like the Tamagotchis of the 1990s, communicates its moods and needs.

To see the "Lua" connected planter in action: https://vimeo.com/341732297

What if plants could talk to us? This is the challenge which Luxembourg's Mu-Design firm set itself in developing "Lua," its connected garden planter. It's managed by a mobile app which needs an internet connection only when being downloaded, and which can be used offline from then on. Information between the app and the planter are transmitted via QR code.

When your plant is thirsty, the pot's screen will show a face with its tongue hanging out. When the plant has not had enough light, it'll show a vampire's face, etc. To get going, you download the app on your smartphone, choose the general family your plant comes from, or even its exact type. A QR code is generated. This is read by Lua via its own screen, which then applies the necessary parameters for the needs of the plant.

This flower pot of the future will only become reality if the crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo reaches its goals. If this is the case, the funders will receive their "Lua" in December 2019. At the moment, the project has accumulated about €18,500 of its €30,000 fundraising campaign goal, which will come to an end in 18 days.

For more information about the "Lua" planter: https://bit.ly/2Z3E2Qd