Starving dog trapped in drain rescued thanks to animal-loving Datuk


KOTA KINABALU: Thanks to the prompt action of an animal lover and the help of the district Fire and Rescue department, a dog which had fallen into a concrete drain in Damai, near here, lives to see another day.

The starving canine, which is believed to have an owner, had been trapped in the drain for an unknown period of time. His plight had gone unnoticed until Datuk Ho Jia Lit, who is also the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) deputy secretary-general, noticed the dog as he was alighting from his car at a parking bay.

He immediately called the authorities.

"The department responded within 15 minutes after I made the call.

“(Upon arrival), their officers climbed down the 2.4 metre-deep concrete drain to rescue the dog.

"We need to give due credit to these (unsung) heroes for their kindness; to come and save this poor, starving dog," said Ho, who stayed with the rescue team until they finished at around 11pm.

He said that as the dog’s owner could not be located, officers from the department took the canine back with them, and assured him that he would be taken good care of.

Ho added that he hopes the public will help locate the rescued dog's owner.