State representative speaks against Georgia’s voting restrictions at Senate field hearing

At a field hearing of the Senate Rules and Administration Committee taking place in Georgia, State Rep. Billy Mitchell testified about the state’s new voting restrictions, saying it “should concern us all” that political appointees could overturn election results without accountability.

Video transcript

- I believe that dark money unlimited campaign spending is wrong. And I hope that you will be able to do something about it. But we will compete.

I further believe that voter suppression is unfair and it is wrong. I hope you do something about it. But our grandparents and great grands endured far less, far worse. And will you-- we will use this to motivate our voters to get out.

But what I am most concerned about and hope you come up with the solution for is cheating umpires that these laws are creating. They are replacing elected officials, and states, and counties who must concern themselves with the will of the voters with political appointees whose only concern is the will of the person who appointed them.

County election boards throughout the state run our elections. They are changing the laws such that not only are they no longer required to be nonpartisan, but if they don't like the outcome of an election, they can simply and immediately just take over the election board. These political appointees could overturn elections without fear of being held accountable by the voters. For that reason alone, these election laws should concern us all.