Steam responds to Stadia with Remote Play Together, mobile cross-play

From today, all Steam users can play games designed for same-room multiplayer with pals online instead, and only one of them needs to own a copy.

[Steam Remote Play Together trailer:]

With Google's game streaming service Stadia having launched on November 19 in North America and select European countries, PC gaming network Steam is rolling out its Remote Play Together feature to all users worldwide.

The update provides for online multiplayer in over 2,000 games originally designed with or for local multiplayer.

Participants are capped at four, with more players possible where fast and sturdy network connections allow: Steam operator, Valve, is recommending a 5G Wifi or wired ethernet connection.

"Only the host needs to own and install the game," Steam's announcement reads, though the service is clearly anticipating that the Remote Play Together update will drive uptake of local multiplayer games, hosting a sale of hundreds of relevant games that runs until November 25.

The feature also extends to iOS and Android system, even Apple- and Android-powered televisions, allowing cross-platform play across Windows, Mac, Linux, and the two mobile-oriented operating systems by virtue of the Steam Chat and Steam Link apps.