Steeda Releases 775-hp Steve McQueen Edition Ford Mustang Bullitt

Wilbert Tan

As it is, the 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt is an impressive rendition of the iconic movie car made popular by actor Steve McQueen. Even so, the tuners at Steeda believed that the car can do with a little tweaking, and so it came with its own version–a supercharged, 775-horsepower version of the car it’s based on. That adds nearly 300 hp to the standard model, as if a Steve McQueen Edition Ford Mustang can be called standard.


More than a shallow marketing ploy, Steeda built the car in concert with McQueen Racing and McQueen’s flesh and blood, professional racer Chad McQueen.


“The design spec was classic McQueen,” the tuners behind Steeda said. “Take an already excellent car and enhance power throughout the RPM band, while improving the handling capabilities suitable for both track and on-road, and give the design an even more classic restrained but undeniably cool stance that is menacing, yet (sic) understand package,” Steeda says.

Steeda worked with HRE Wheels to design and produce a modern 20-inch aluminum version of the original movie wheels. A total of 27 new components were used to upgrade the car’s chassis, suspension, and drive train. Special edition features include a McQueen Racing shifter knob, Steve McQueen Edition center hubcaps, door sill plates, dash serialization plates, floor mats, and engraved key fobs.

Options include a four-point roll cage, carbon-fiber performance driveshaft assembly, leather- and Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel with a center green stripe, cold-air intake, and the 775-hp supercharged engine.

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