Stefanie Sun denies wealthy status

Stefanie Sun denies wealthy status

5 Mar – Singaporean singer, Stefanie Sun recently dismissed rumours that she has been profiting high earnings from the stock market and property investments in Singapore and overseas.

Groove Asia website reported that on 3 March, the singer debunked the reports through her manager, stating, "That's too exaggerated! I don't take on a lot of work now, so I'm not as rich as what others imagine."

She also admitted to owning three properties in Singapore at the moment and declared claims that she invested in overseas properties as preposterous.

Earlier, a Taiwanese tabloid reported that the singer reportedly earned up to NTD30 billion from property and stock market investments, including from shares of big companies like Apple and Facebook.

It also reported that Stefanie raked a huge amount through property investment in America five years ago, after seeking advice from her sister and her husband Nadim Van Der Ros.