Stellantis teases mystery electric Chrysler concept

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Today's Stellantis "EV Day" information dump was littered with hints and teasers, but one of the most mysterious is this Chrysler EV that was rolled out during the company's discussion of its new vehicle architecture strategy.

We know virtually nothing about the concept apart from the fact that it's clearly electrified (duh, EV Day) and appears to have a fairly production-friendly interior; there are even visible panel gaps on the dash and center console, which would be indicative of more than just a simple rendering based on a hypothetical future product. The screens on the dash and seatbacks would be generous for a mainstream product in today's market, but for a future premium EV? Looks the part.

Sitting somewhere between a four-door sedan and the "c" word, the silhouette gives us some Polestar 2 vibes. If it's to be built, we expect it will be marketed as more SUV than sedan, which would mean an all-wheel drive option is pretty much guaranteed. Stellantis hinted that it is based on its new STLA Large EV platform, which will offer battery capacities between 101 and 118 kWh and up to 500 miles of range.

We've reached out to Chrysler for more information, but we expect they won't have much for us until they're ready to make a formal announcement. Stay tuned.

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