Stephanie Pratt slammed for 'shoot the looters' tweet amid protests over George Floyd's death

Stephanie Pratt

The Hills star Stephanie Pratt has been slammed by fans on social media after criticising protests over George Floyd's death.

The shocking death of African-American man Floyd last Monday has sparked demonstrations and unrest in cities across the U.S., with Derek Chauvin, an officer shown kneeling on his neck in video footage, facing a third-degree murder charge and three other officers dismissed.

Taking to Twitter on Sunday, Stephanie, who is yet to publicly condemn the death of Floyd, wrote: "Shoot the looters - using this tragedy as their excuse to rob and burn all of our towns down.

"My heart breaks for all of these businesses around LA affected. First the quarantine & now this," she added.

However, the message was not well received by fans, who were quick to remind the reality TV personality of her own history of shoplifting, after she was arrested in 2006 for stealing $1,300 (£1,050) of clothes from department store Neiman Marcus.

At the time, Stephanie was charged with second-degree theft and had to pay $5,000 (£4,000) in bail, as well as being put on a three-year probation.

U.S. reality star Angela Babicz shared a picture of Stephanie's mugshot and tweeted her the message: "Oh 'cause I thought the thief who shoplifted more than $1,300 worth of clothing from Neiman said some..."

Others agreed and also shared their anger over her posts, with one user writing: "Pratt. Stay out of this sweetie. We all know your past of looting."

"We don't kill people for stealing. As a once-arrested thief, aren't you grateful for that?" another person shared, while a third penned: "Like... didn't you get arrested for the same thing!?! lmao (laugh my a*s off)."

Stephanie, 34, has not yet responded to the backlash.

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