Stephen Chow: Deng Chao is perfect for "The Mermaid"

3 Feb - Stephen Chow recently revealed that he already knew he got the right guy to play the lead in his new movie, "The Mermaid", when he met Chinese actor Deng Chao.

As reported on CRI News, the comedy auteur, who attended a press conference in Beijing to promote the movie last weekend, joked that he already has a vision about his character that Deng Chao was able to capture.

"The main character thinks he is great when everybody else doesn't think so. When I called Deng Chao and asked him if he is interested or not, he said, "Let me read the script first". I quickly thought to myself, "This is the man I am looking for. He really thinks he's that great!"," said Stephen.

He later added in seriousness that Deng has an ability to do both comedy and drama, and was able to shine through when it comes to showing the world the motivation and history behind his character's action.

"The Mermaid" is set to be released this 8 February.

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