Stephen Chow releases first poster for "The Mermaid"

8 Dec - Who needs more details on a movie poster if the director is Stephen Chow?

And that's how the first official poster of the comedy auteur's new movie, "The Mermaid" came out recently, according to Mingpao News – with nothing more than a photo of crashing waves, the title, and Stephen Chow's name.

It also featured the tagline, "2016: Making a wave with wind, Mermaids are invincible".

The new movie is set in the modern world, and tells the story of a biological professor who stumbled across a real mermaid and fell in love.

It stars Show Luo, Deng Chao, Kitty Zhang, as well as guest star, Kris Wu. Stephen has also cast another new face in the lead, a 19-year-old actress by the name of Jelly Lin Yun.

Show recently promoted the new movie online, saying, "Which movie would you see on the Lunar New Year? "The Mermaid" is your best choice. You will be laughing like crazy!"

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