Steve Carell Reveals 'Despicable' Plan for Evading Traffic Ticket: Talk Like Gru

Kevin Polowy
Senior Correspondent, Yahoo Entertainment

Despicable Me 3 marks the fourth time Steve Carell has channeled the rehabilitated supervillain Gru (including a cameo in Minions), so it stands to reason that the follicly challenged character’s distinctive growl could follow the actor home.

Carell admitted to Yahoo Movies at the film’s Los Angeles press day that, in his downtime, he has occasionally channeled Gru, who in the new threequel is revealed to hail from Hollywood’s favorite fictional nation, Freedonia.

“It did come in handy when my kids were younger and their friends were over,” said Carell, who was joined by co-star Kristen Wiig (watch above). “Making pancakes in the morning was always fun on sleepover day, when I could do the Gru voice and entertain the friends. That was fun.”

And as Wiig points out, Gru’s rascally inflections must also come in handy when Carell gets pulled over by the cops. “What?! I did not know. It was a yellow light!” Carell protests in character. “It was a long yellow, it wasn’t red!”

Despicable Me 3 opens June 30. Watch Carell and Wiig answer questions from kids:

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