Steve Martin Contests Allegation From Former Co-Star And Denies ‘Any Physical Contact’

Steve Martin is adamantly denying physically assaulting a fellow actor while filming.

Martin was slammed this week as “horrid” by former “Little Shop of Horrors” co-star Miriam Margolyes, who said he “repeatedly punched, slapped” and knocked her down while filming simulated punches and various other stunts.

“My memory is that we had a good communication as professional actors,” Martin told People on Saturday. “But when it is implied that I harmed her or was in some way careless about doing the stunts, I have to object. I remember taking EXTREME caution.”

The “Only Murders in the Building” actor told the outlet that Margoyles even told him she was OK after they finished filming that particular scene and claimed director Frank Oz and other crew members were actively attentive to any concerns or issues regarding the simulated acts.

“There was never any physical contact between me and her, accidental or otherwise, in this scene or any other we shot,” Martin told People, while Oz explained that he purposefully “always” rehearses scenes like this — and didn’t see anything resembling actual violence.

“The scene was supposed to include a fake punch,” Oz told People in a separate statement Saturday. “It’s puzzling what she’s talking about. It’s not the Steve I know or anyone knows. He’s always been professional and respectful of everyone on all of my shoots.”

Margolyes previously accused Arnold Schwarzenegger of farting in her face.
Margolyes previously accused Arnold Schwarzenegger of farting in her face.

Margolyes previously accused Arnold Schwarzenegger of farting in her face.

Margolyes, who recalled the alleged incident from the 1986 musical, remains most famous for her role as Professor Sprout in the “Harry Potter” franchise and as the enthusiastic Spanish Infanta from Britain’s beloved “Blackadder” series.

“I was hit all day by doors opening in my face; repeatedly punched, slapped and knocked down by an unlovely and unapologetic Steve Martin — perhaps he was method acting — and came home grumpy,” she wrote in her memoir, per The Independent.

Margolyes most recently accused Arnold Schwarzenegger of farting in her face.

“He farted in my face,” Margolyes claimed on the “I’ve Got News for You” podcast in July. “Now, I fart, of course I do — but I don’t fart in people’s faces. He did it deliberately, right in my face … I can’t remember the date, but it was during the filming of ‘End of Days.’”

“I was playing Satan’s sister, and he was killing me,” she added through laughter. “So he had me in a position where I couldn’t escape and lying on the floor, and he just farted. It wasn’t on film; it was on one of the pauses, and I haven’t forgiven him for it.”

Her memoir, “Oh Miriam: Stories from an Extraordinary Life,” hits shelves in 2024.