Steven Ma excited to see Gigi Lai again

25 Feb – Hong Kong actor Steven Ma recently admitted that he was happy to be reunited with former actress Gigi Lai at an annual dinner held by the latter's company.

As reported on Mingpao, Steven, who was also reunited with Kenix Kwok, Maggie Cheung Ho Yee and Ada Choi at the event, shared that he was excited to see Gigi as they were part of the same record company in the past.

"I just made my debut at the time, and was lucky enough to be performing with her. We performed "Spring Breeze", and it airs every Lunar New Year," he said.

Steven also sang praises for Gigi's beauty, saying that she remains the same after all these years.

Asked if he would like to collaborate with Gigi in the future, Steven stated that he would love to work with all the four actresses.

"I would certainly love to have that opportunity. I already have several scripts in hand," he said.

(Photo Source: Steven Ma Instagram)