Stinging new name for Australia's Olympic surfing team

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The irukandji jellyfish is considered by researchers to be one of the world's most poisonous creatures

Australia's Olympic surfing team have been named "The Irukandjis", after a deadly species of jellyfish that menaces the country's tropical northern waters.

The irukandji is a tiny, highly venomous, species of box jellyfish that inflicts an incredibly painful sting on its victims.

"The irukandji's sting in the water is ferocious and that is how our Australian surfers approach competition," Surfing Australia chair and seven-time world champion, Layne Beachley said as the team's new name was announced on Wednesday.

The surfing association said it received permission to use the Indigenous name from the local Yirrganydji people of northern-eastern Australia.

The team's kit was designed by Indigenous artist Jasmine Craciun, who derived inspiration from her ancestors the Barkindji people, to "represent fluid movement within the water and emulate light hitting the ocean when viewed from below".

The name was chosen unanimously by the team, who will also compete under "The Irukandji" banner at other international surfing events including the World Surfing Games and Longboard Championships.

Surfing will make its Olympic debut this year, included as part of efforts to attract a younger audience to watch the Games.