Stop Moving in Circles! | 8 Tips to Get Yourself Out of a Rut

Camille Bacsa

Stop Moving in Circles! |

8 Tips to Get Yourself Out of a Rut

By Camille Bacsa

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We all have those days when our motivation slumps to zero, after being eaten away by endless stress and daily annoyances. Before you throw in the towel though and make brash decisions (like printing out that resignation letter inconspicuously hidden in your desktop), take a break and get started on one (or more!) of these top tips to rebalance your life.

Quit a bad vice.


What a better way to make space for new energy than kicking out the old, draining habits that has become a part of your daily life. Cut down on your guilt levels by tackling your binge eating, smoking, drinking, overthinking, gossiping, and what-not tendency head-on. It will take so much of your conscious effort to self-monitor that you will instantly feel refocused on bettering yourself bit by bit everyday.


Find a cause to support.


No doubt there are way too many problems in this world today. Most will outlive us too, to be honest. No matter how insurmountable the news makes them seem though, there are game changers in this world who are enacting plans to solve them. Find them and support their causes by donating, pitching in your skills, or setting aside a few hours for charitable work. Or maybe you’re the game changer this world needs – your unique world view and skills might just save people from suffering unnecessarily.


Make it a habit to break your daily habits.

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Shake up your daily routines, may it be in small, swift ways like taking a different morning commute, ordering an exotic sounding dish you typically overlook, or go bigger and organize meet ups for like minded folks in your community. Commit to doing something new every month, week, or day, and proudly list your accomplishments (no matter how “trying a zumba class” when you have 2 left feet sounds embarrassing to you) and you’ll feel all the better after it, because we promise you, the experiences do add up to a more fulfilled life.


Show up solo in some kind of skill-building class/seminar/event you are interested in.


Entering a room full of strangers to level up your amateur skills keeps you on your toes. For shy-types, this is a daunting task, given all the plausible embarrassing or anxiety-inducing scenarios that can occur. But that’s the thing, the first time is always the hardest. Bringing a friend isn’t a bad option, but there is something about flying solo that can be so liberating that you will feel like you are really pushing yourself to explore new territory.