The Story Behind The £74 'It' Satchel As Seen On Alexa Chung, Elle Fanning & Fearne Cotton!

We were mad about The Cambridge Satchel Company’s gorgeous bags before, but after watching their heart warming story as told by Google Chrome’s inspirational advert we’re head over heels!

From a series of short videos Google Chrome have created to chart success stories that couldn’t have been achieved without the internet- from Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber (who were both YouTube sensations before they hit the big time) to a guy wooing back his ex. girlfriend online, comes Julie Deane’s story, the founder of The Cambridge Satchel Company who with just £600 and zero business experience to her name, started a worldwide fashion craze for the humble satchel from her kitchen table, that has reached as far as Hollywood!

You’ll recognise The Cambridge Satchel Company’s gorgeously made bags that are traditional in both make and finish for they’ve been on the arms of coolest tastemakers, think Alexa Chung, Zooey Deschanel, Elle Fanning and Fearne Cotton to name but a few!

So what is it about these humble satchels that has everyone hooked? Well according to Julie Deane, it’s all about less clutter and fuss: "Our satchels have a very clean, classic style that doesn't scream for attention but are instantly recognisable.”

And starting at £74 they’re a brilliant price point too, after all its not often that you can carry the same 'IT' bag as the A-list without reaching for your credit card!

The Story Behind The £74 'It' Satchel As Seen On Alexa Chung, Elle Fanning & Fearne Cotton!

Julie Deane with her mum visiting Sam Cam at No.10

From classic black and tan leather styles to eye-popping neon The Cambridge Satchel Company create ‘The Classic’ satchel bag in four different sizes and in countless colour combinations… so we had to ask: what’s Julie’s favourite design? Well, after being invited to number 10 Downing Street to meet (fellow bag lady and Creative Consultant for Smythson) Samantha Cameron she created ‘The Downing’ “A fun and stylish take on a workwear bag and after so many requests, I’m putting it into production!”

So what's next for The Cambridge Satchel Company? Well they’ve teamed up with New York Fashion Week designer Chris Benz (and their designs will appear in his spring/summer '13 show on Monday 10th of September, so miss it!). Plus there’s a new bag shape on its way! “We’ve been working on it for a long time, it's almost ready and will come out before Christmas!” Julie told us, and that’s not all, “I have a big new collaboration under wraps so what this space!”

And we don’t doubt her! Having already worked with Comme des Garcons, London Fashion Week design duo Basso & Brooke (back in February this year), and Christopher Shannon (the fab collection that appears in the Google ad), we can’t wait!

And finally… with The Cambridge Satchel Company making a whopping £1 million a month, we badgered Julie for her top tips for starting your own business:
“It doesn't matter what your idea is, you must give it a go. There will be plenty of people around you that will try to put you off but all you need is one person that believes in you, and encourages you, and a reason to do it - an urgency, for me it was my children. There has never been a better time to start a business, the internet makes the world available - at practically no cost, so what are you waiting for?”

Julie we salute you!

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The Story Behind The £74 'It' Satchel As Seen On Alexa Chung, Elle Fanning & Fearne Cotton!

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(From top left)

'The Fluro' satchel in green from £105.

'The Classic' satchel in red from £74.

'The Fluro' satchel in yellow from £105.

'The Fluro' satchel in pink from £105.

'The Designer' satchel in dark brown and chesnut £133.

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