Strategic Advisor Board Is Here To Help CEOs Fall in Love With Their Business Again

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Boulder, Co (Newsfile Corp. 9 Sept 2021) -- Strategic Advisor Board (SAB) is a business mentoring company for all the CEO’s of small businesses that are seeking stability and growth in this ever-changing economy. With the multiple challenges of COVID, changing technology, and the need for an online presence, many business owners spend endless hours working “for” their businesses instead of working “with” their business to develop and execute the best growth strategy. The SAB is here to change that. The SAB team partners with small businesses to formulate strategic plans for companies according to the trends prevailing in the industry.

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Strategic Advisory Board

The combination of business and mentorship experience with the 10 Board members in the SAB makes them a powerful partner for businesses in their stage of growth. The team comprises personalities like Jason Miller(CEO & Founder), Shelby Jo Long (Director & SVP), Michael Sipe (Director & COO), Kara James ( Director & VP Human Relations), Michael Jackson (Director & VP sales), Joel Phillips (Director & VP Technology), Joe Trujillo (Director & VP Purchasing), Michael Owens (Director & VP Production/Media), Will Black (Director & VP Finance) and Jessica West (Director & VP Acquisitions). This team has a collective business experience of many decades, where the members have either been business owners for years or mentored thousands of people over a few decades. Their strong leadership backgrounds and strategic approach helps companies to move forward at an exponential rate in any business environment. Describing the company’s vision and inspiration, Jason Miller, the founder of SAB, explains that- “Much of our strategy is from pure experience and rapid growth plans to adapt to the outside environment. We are very passionate about helping business owners fall in love with their business again and start working smarter instead of harder. The end goal is to create a work-life balance that supports their family life plan”. The team helps business owners find clarity, direction, and necessary focus to supercharge their results and assist them in removing the barriers that are impeding their success.

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So how does SAB achieve all these goals for a business? Firstly, the team devises strategies by looking into the business's history and working model. These methods are unique, depending on the special nature of the company and directed towards complete transformation. The steps thus proposed focus on the preparation of the company towards growth and scalability. SAB initially works on modifying the internal structure of an establishment by optimizing its workflow and then moves to the other attributes. Once the bottom line for the business is improved the scope for the company's success is automatically expanded.

In the current market, SAB is unique because they operate entirely on a result-based model. In the words of Jason Miller, “If we can’t help you increase your current profits in your business, then you owe us NOTHING. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.” This shows how confident the team is about their methods and systems, which have passed the test of time and will help any company pivot during excellent and rough times, earning them a BBB A+ Accredited rating. The platform offers custom growth plans and strategic mentorship options that can be tailor-made to any business’ needs and help them thrive regardless of their position in the business lifecycle. From startups to well-established businesses, SAB is here for businesses that are ready to expand. Utilizing their guiding business principles, CEOs will be able to secure long-term growth and stability by making short-term revenue generation and expense changes to support the major, mid to long-term changes. In essence, the SAB helps businesses solve their foundational challenges to help reach their long-term vision.

“We bring 10x more to the table than any typical consulting firm. This is what sets us apart and makes us a wolf and not sheep following the herd. We have worked very hard to go left when everyone has gone right and strive to be on the ‘Leading Edge’ of business”, says Miller. He further adds that “Most companies strive to run the ‘Cutting Edge’.. that’s where it is safe! We are always innovating on the ‘Leading Edge’ to find the newest strategies that are adaptable in today’s environment - not environments of the past or overused strategies that don’t compliment every business model.” The SAB team emphasizes the individualistic aspect of every company. Their mission is to bring innovation and “custom solutions” for businesses that suit their unique model and help them win big.

To date, SAB has helped numerous companies pivot and find newer routes to profitability. The team has compiled some of the case studies on their official website to help potential customers understand their approaches in various scenarios and find a relatable case study for their own business. From revenue increase to designing direct marketing campaigns, boosting employee retention, bettering customer services, and improving digital footprints, the expert team of SAB has assisted many businesses like Rock Solid Concepts, Reliable Solar Solutions, Business Lead Maker, etc in finding innovative solutions to their leading issues.

The SAB team intends on helping as many companies as possible by the year’s end and to close 2021 with a bang. They want to create a more “community” based business model and change today’s businesses in the longer run. This approach will bring thousands of businesses together to create a sustainable business model that can survive adversities like recessions, pandemics, etc. A community-based model will allow the connected businesses to have close contact with each other and extend support just like in the past yet leveraging each other’s talents to collectively provide better products and services before the rest of the competition and gain market share. According to Miller, “it’s a change in thinking, but times are changing, and we have to shift and pivot with the times”.

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