New Street Fighter 6 Trailer Shows Guile Punching Up Ryu

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Screenshot:  Capcom / Kotaku
Screenshot: Capcom / Kotaku

During Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest livestream, Capcom came through with a new look at some Street Fighter 6 gameplay and a character reveal.

In a new albeit brief trailer, the blonde flat-top army vet Guile—with comb in tow—absolutely clobbers Ryu. We see many of his iconic moves, including Sonic Boom and the Flash Kick. He’s also rocking quite a fashion statement in an all-denim (!) bodysuit of sorts.

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Street Fighter 6 is essentially a complete revamp for the series. It retains the classic 1v1 side-view fighting experience fans have come to expect, but the game also expands the scope to embrace open-world exploration and a few fresh-faced fighters. Capcom’s also introducing some new mechanics to the game, including a modern control type for “easier inputs,” a powerful strike called Drive Impact that absorbs moves (similar to Street Fighter IV’s Focus Attack), and the ability to scowl and make faces at your opponent before a match starts.

While this is a new gameplay trailer, some of what is here isn’t exactly totally new information. That’s because ahead of Keighley’s presentation, various bits of Street Fighter 6 had leaked, including (possibly) the game’s entire character lineup. Some of this was even found in Nvidia’s now-infamous GeForce Now leak.

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The most intriguing part of Street Fighter 6 is the single-player mode. Supposedly an “immersive” story experience, the main campaign sees you roaming the streets of Metro City—famously the setting of Capcom’s Final Fight—in search of battles, presumably with iconic series characters. Who knows? Maybe we can train with Chun-Li or Ryu. Unfortunately, Ken Masters may not be the most capable teacher right now, since the blonde-haired Shotokan has fallen on hard times in Street Fighter 6.