Strike on Kharkiv's Epicenter: Police identify 14 bodies, 3 remain unidentified and 4 are missing

Police at the site of a Russian strike
Police at the site of a Russian strike

Ukrainian police have identified 14 bodies recovered from the site of a Russian missile strike on the Epicenter hypermarket in Kharkiv.

The attack ignited a fire that spread over 10,000 square meters.

Approximately 200 people were inside the store at the time of the strike, Ukraine's Internal Affairs Ministry said.

The identities of two deceased men were established directly after the strike, while 12 more required DNA testing.

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Three bodies remain unidentified, while four others are still considered missing.

16 Ukrainians have contacted law enforcement and provided their DNA to help in the search for their missing relatives.

A team of investigators and forensic experts has been working on the site for over two days.

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Russian strike on Kharkiv's Epicenter on May 25

An explosion rocked a residential area in Kharkiv on May 25, at 4:02 p.m., Mayor Ihor Terekhov confirmed.

Two Russian KAB missiles struck the Epicenter hypermarket.

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Rescue workers continue to clear the rubble of the destroyed hypermarket.

Law enforcement have identified 18 victims of the Russian attack, including a 12-year-old girl and her mother, the Prosecutor General's office reported.

May 27 was a day of mourning in Kharkiv to honor the victims.

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