Student finally receives celebrity responses to her graduation cards: ‘I knew Shaq would respond’

A woman on TikTok named Renee (@reneerer123) graduated college last year and sent some of her extra cards to celebrities. A year later, she received responses from several of them, which she shared in her viral post.

“Last year I sent my extra graduation cards to a myriad of celebrities who actually responded to them,” she wrote in her post.

She had a star-studded list of recipients, as she sent cards to Shaquille O’Neal, Adam Sandler, Barack and Michelle Obama and a few other high-profile celebrities.

While she didn’t get a response from everyone, Shaquille O’Neal, Michael Jordan, Doctor Mike, Adam Sandler and Johnny Depp all sent cards back. Doctor Mike even opened her card in one of his official Patreon videos.

Of the responses she received, O’Neal’s was one of her favorites since he personalized it.

“I KNEW Shaq would respond. I felt it in my bones,” replied @tesstakestiktok.

Over 12 million people have seen Renee’s video, and many wondered one thing: How did she get their addresses?

Renee responded to a few questions in a separate video.

“I just googled all of them,” she said. “I specifically made sure that I chose their fan addresses and not their actual personal home addresses. .. If you send it to their actual home addresses, that’s really weird and stalkerish, so please don’t do that.”

Several viewers had a similar experience when sending things to celebrities.

“Adam Sandler sent the same exact card you got, I sent my wedding invite. Damn I thought it was unique,” replied @yunglagoon to her initial video.

Renee has all the letters on a bulletin board with her graduation cap in her room. Some people wondered why there were holes in the cards she showed, which Renee answered in her second video.

“I stupidly used thumbtacks to put them up on my bulletin board, …but I’m not planning on selling them.”

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