When a student learned his friend got into his dream school, he had the most 'awkward' reaction: 'That hurt so bad'

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A TikToker has gone viral after he shared the uncomfortable moment he and his friend learned about a college decision.

On Feb. 2, user @mattpelli posted a clip in which he and his friend are seen checking their laptops for a response from their dream school.

“This is your sign to never open up a college decision with your friend,” an overlay reads.

Upon learning of his fate, user tells his friend the news.

“Ugh, I got deferred,” @mattpelli says dejectedly, before checking his friend’s screen.

“I got in!” she screams.

“Oh, congrats,” @mattpelli responds unenthusiastically.

To make matters worse (depending on how you see it), the friend then adds that she got a trustee’s scholarship for $32,000 per year. A close-up of @mattpelli’s face shows that he’s still not entirely happy with his own outcome.

The clip has since received over 10 million views and mixed responses from fellow users. Some acknowledged the uneasiness in the entire episode.

“Omg [I know] that hurt so bad,” one person wrote.

“College admission process is one of the most intense experiences,” a second added. “You can be happy for a friend but she also needs to read the room and be considerate.”

Others claimed that @mattpelli’s friend had nothing to apologize for.

“Nah, she totally should have been allowed to be excited,” one posted in response.

“She worked hard for it,” a second simply wrote. “She got every right to be happy.”

It’s unclear whether the two are still friends, so here’s to hoping that they still are. We’re still rooting for you, @mattpelli.

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