Student punches teacher in the face after being questioned over class fight

Azahar Hashim

KULIM: Police have obtained a three-day remand order on a Form Four student for allegedly punching a teacher when questioned over a classroom fight yesterday.

Kulim police chief Superintendent Abdullah Arshad said the student, 16, was picked up after the 50-year-old male teacher lodged a police report at 11am yesterday.

Abdullah said the incident occurred in the teacher's room when the teacher was questioning the student and his two classmates over the 9.30am incident.

"The student was engaged in an argument with a classmate during Art class. The classmate then spilt water on the former's table.

"The argument escalated into a brawl. The female Art teacher, with the help of the duo's classmates, tried to break up the fight," he said.

Abdullah said the student had reacted violently by grabbing a piece of the classroom's window panel and swung it at the other students.

"Three students were injured and were rushed to the Kulim Hospital where they received outpatient treatment," he said.

He said the student and his two classmates were later summoned to the teacher's room for questioning.

"During questioning, the student lost his temper and punched the teacher in the face," he said.

He said the case is being investigated under Section 324 of the Penal Code for voluntarily causing hurt.