Students Run With Hands Up Down Hallways After Huddling in Classroom During School Shooting

Students were seen running down an interior hallway with their hands over their heads as police officers escorted them out of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School during a school shooting in Parkland on February 14.

This footage was shot by Ryan Deitsch, a student at the high school who says he is a student producer in the school newsroom. He said when the shooting began, he hid in a closet with other students. He said SWAT teams then evacuated them into the library.

Footage he filmed in what he said was a library shows students filing into the room with their hands over their heads. An officer in camouflage and holding an assault weapon tells students to sit on the floor.

In messages to Storyful, Deitsch said his teachers and local law enforcement took control of the situation and kept them safe. Credit: Ryan Deitsch via Storyful