Succession star Alan Ruck shares aspect of Connor’s personality he’ll be ‘happy to let go’

Alan Ruck is ready to move on to the next chapter of his career following his incredibly successful four-season turn on Succession.

Across the entirety of HBO’s hit family drama, Ruck has played the eldest of Logan Roy’s (Brian Cox) children, the incompetent Connor Roy.

While his three siblings, Kendall (Jeremy Strong), Roman (Kieran Culkin) and Shiv (Sarah Snook), have ruthlessly fought each other for control over their father’s media dynasty, Connor’s often sat on the sidelines, most recently campaigning to become the next US President.

Ahead of the acclaimed series’s 90-minute movie-like finale – airing on Sunday 28 May in the US and the following day in the UK – Ruck, 66, spoke to The New York Times about saying goodbye to a show that has skyrocketed his career.

He began praising the show for having “hands down the best writing I’ve ever encountered, week after week”, before admitting he’s looking forward to moving on.

“I do think that it’d be fun to move on to something else after playing basically the family [expletive], you know, for what amounted to six years,” he said.

“It’s weird when you play a character that’s so easily dismissible,” Ruck added, laughing.

Alan Ruck and Justine Lupe in ‘Succession’ (Sky/HBO)
Alan Ruck and Justine Lupe in ‘Succession’ (Sky/HBO)

“People continually call you ‘moron.’ You know, it gets under your skin a little bit – I’ll be happy to let that go.”

In an earlier interview with The Independent, Justine Lupe, who plays Ruck’s on-screen wife Willa, recalled “sobbing” when she heard the show was ending after its fourth season.

“I’m a crier,” Lupe said. “And it was just, like, waves and waves of grief.”

Succession concludes on Sunday 28 May on HBO Max in the US and the following day on NOW and Sky Atlantic in the UK.

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