I suggested review of education system, not abolishment: DPM


KUALA KANGSAR: Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi today reiterated his belief that the current education system needs urgent review – although he stressed that he has no intention of abolishing the system.

"Do not misinterpret my suggestion (yesterday) to review our education system. I didn't say that the current system needs to be abolished.

"But we need to find alternatives in order to ensure curriculum integration so that our goal to promote cross-cultural understanding and national unity can be achieved,” he said.

Zahid was speaking during a press conference after attending the Ekspresi Negaraku Programme at Dataran Pavilion here, today.

Yesterday, the Deputy Prime Minister had said that the Malaysian education system should be reviewed, as it does not promote cross-cultural understanding and national unity.

He noted that the national education policy is not being adhered to by certain schools, which makes promoting national unity difficult.

Zahid said systems in pre-school institutions — comprising tadika perpaduan, tadika kemas and private kindergartens — are not standardised, and therefore difficult to streamline and control.