Suit up: Singapore embassy official cosplays as civil servant in Tokyo to hilarious effect

We’ve seen some great cosplays from Comic-Cons of years past, but this might just be the most Singaporean one we’ve ever laid eyes on.

Backstory: Over the weekend, First Secretary Michael Chew from the Singapore Embassy in Japan attended the opening ceremony of the annual World Cosplay Summit in Tokyo, where he was joined by dozens of cosplayers decked out in vibrant and over-the-top costumes depicting their favorite anime and manga characters.

Among them were Singaporeans Kai, who was dressed as Giorno Giovana from manga series Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, and Rithe, who took on the character Violet Evergarden from its novel series namesake.

But the one person to top them all? Chew himself. Donning a regular suit and tie combo, he looked ordinary, plain, and drab in contrast to his fellow compatriots. Coincidentally, these are adjectives you might use to describe the life (and look) of a civil servant.

Hilariously, it turns out Chew was cosplaying as one — at least according to a Facebook post by the embassy. No word on whether it was just a joke — hey, civil servants can be witty, too — or an (un)intentional jab, though.

The photo, which has been shared more than 400 times as of today, drew laughs from netizens, who joked that it was probably the most on-point and accurate cosplaying ever.

Screenshot of Facebook comments on Singaporean Michael Chew.

Some even pointed out that he could be dressing as the Business Fish, a character from Facebook’s stickers, sans the pink fish head.

Screenshot of a Facebook comment on Michael Chew.

Perhaps fellow local cosplayers can take a page out of Chew’s book to give the performance art a uniquely Singaporean twist.

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