Sulky-faced boy becomes internet sensation, performs without blinking once

Sylvia Looi
Screenshot of the boy performing without batting his eyelids. The boy has since become an internet sensation. — Screengrab from Facebook/Hitz Sabah

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 18 — We all know most children dislike performing in front of a crowd.

But for a boy, his performance with a stoic look, has made him an internet sensation.

The 30-second video clip, which has since gone viral, shows the boy performing with hand signs.

While his friends were happily singing and swaying to the beat of the music in the background, the boy stood grounded and stared in front believed to be looking at his teacher who was coaching the group along their performance.

The clip, believed to be from the Philippines, had since been shared 91,000 times and has had 133,000 reactions since it was shared on social media recently.

The comments were also equally hilarious with many saying the boy looked cute despite not showing any expression during the performance.

Troylynn Limar said the boy reminded her of her son.

“He couldn’t stand it when I made him participate in chorus,” she wrote.

Vijith Kay wrote the boy’s expression was like: “I’m gonna kill both my parents for making me do this after I’m done with this BS.”

Kevin Falle wrote the boy may not look thrilled but he seems to have his moves down.

“I think he is in deep thought,” he commented.

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