A summary of Twitter's slew of tests this week

Twitter will spend 2020 giving users more control over their conversations

Though social media platforms test new tools and platform changes on a regular basis, this week, Twitter began testing an unusually large number of new features. Here is a summary of the changes that could potentially make it to the official application as permanent features in the near future.

Throughout this week and last, Twitter has announced a series of new features bring tested that could make it easier for users to find and follow content that they're interested in. Below is a recap of the new features, tools, and changes that you may soon be seeing in the application permanently. 


Twitter tests a new filter for offensive content  

The company announced yesterday that they're testing a new filter for DM requests that will prevent users from seeing offensive content. Instead of these potentially inappropriate messages automatically being listed with your other private messages, they are now within a completely separate category so that users won't even see a preview.


Twitter tests a tool that lets users search within DMs

On Wednesday, Twitter announced that they've added a DM search bar to both the mobile and web platforms. The company specified that the feature is being tested only "with your most recent DMs."


Twitter tests a feature to temporarily snooze notifications

On Tuesday, the company began testing a tool that will let users temporarily snooze their Twitter notifications on Android.


Twitter tests a new way for users to follow conversations

Finally, last Friday Twitter launched a feature that lets users select tweets for which they want to see interesting replies. It's being tested on both iOS and Android.

While Twitter has not commented on whether these changes will be permanent, it's likely that they will be in some form or another, since they're all undergoing public testing.