Summer 2019: hair scarves are back

Although everyone expected the "scrunchie," that star of the 90's, to be this summer's fun accessory, it's ultimately scarves crowning the hairstyles of fashionistas this summer. Models and influencers on holiday are enjoying them in every variation, from rock'n'roll, to bohemian, to pirate!

Bohemian chic like Izabel Goulart
The Brazilian top model is decidedly on the cutting edge of this summer's trends. After leopard prints, neon yellow, and classic denim shorts, Izabel Goulart takes a bohemian turn with a brightly printed scarf in her hair. To brighten her ponytail, she opted for a colorful version nicely suited to her Amalfi coast vacation. She combines the accessory with white mini-shorts and a knotted shirt.

Pirate-style like Bella Hadid
While she has been increasingly discreet on social media, Bella Hadid did share a few snaps of her vacation via Instagram. The American model also turned to the scarf trend but with a fun, edgy pirate angle, covering her whole head and bringing out her eyes. It pairs nicely with her swimsuit, white cami, and denim short minimalism.

Retro like Gigi Hadid
Both Hadid sisters are into scarves this summer, and picked up nearly the same pirate look, but the elder sis chose a retro-inspired designer version. Not only does the scarf add "that certain something" to her look, it protects her long hair from the damaging effects of the sun. She paired the accessory with a simple black bikini.