Supermarket slaps ‘shrinkflation’ warnings on products

STORY: France's Carrefour has added warnings to products it says

have shrunk in size but cost more even as prices have eased

It's a move to rally support and pressure Nestle, PepsiCo

and Unilever to reduce price inflation ahead of contract talks

The warnings read:

"This product has seen its volume or weight

fall and the effective price by the supplier rise"

For example, Carrefour says using a smaller bottle

for certain Lipton iced tea products made by PepsiCo

resulted in a 40% effective increase in the price per liter

Carrefour's CEO has said companies are not cooperating

in cutting the price of thousands of staples

Consumer groups say "shrinkflation" is a widespread practice

which supermarkets like Carrefour are also

guilty of in their private-label products