Surbana Jurong signs MOU to support Lao’s growth, unveils vertical farming concept

On September 1, Surbana Jurong signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Mekong Group and Lao’s Phongsavanh Group to jointly pursue business opportunities in Laos.

Under the MOU, the partners aim to support the government’s plan to transform Laos through infrastructure projects and to attract investments through strategically planned townships and industrial growth clusters.

From left: Yeo Choon Chong, Surbana Jurong’s Deputy CEO; Thedlakhone Douangsonthi, Phongsavanh Group’s Vice-Chairman; Michael Aw, Mekong Group’s CEO.
Credit: Surbana Jurong

Phongsavanh Group is the master developer for an industrial zone development project covering 1300 ha in the city of Vientiane. Surbana will provide expertise in Urban Development Studies and Strategic Planning, and will develop the Concept Master Plans for the project, which Phongsavanh Group aims to complete by end-2017. Mekong Group will provide its expertise in sourcing international talents and firms to support the project.

On September 4, Surbana Jurong announced it has developed a high-intensity vertical farming concept for an urban environment. Called ‘Floating Ponds’, it is applicable to fish, vegetable, or other agricultural products.

The proposed modular and scalable concept comprises of vertically stacked fish raceways to maximise production capacity of available space. According to Surbana, it can be built to function within any urban space, from a park space, unused roof spaces, as well as community spaces within larger commercial developments. The farms will also comprise a cold warehouse, processing and packaging rooms, offices and R&D laboratories, integrating all farm processes into a singular factory.

Credit: Surbana Jurong

Surbana says it is ready to implement the concept with partner Apollo Aquaculture Group, which has successfully prototyped a three-storey fish farm.

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