Surprising discoveries for the week of May 15: Peanut allergy solutions, mosquito repellants, no asteroids

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A skin patch could prevent peanut allergies

The patch was statistically superior to a placebo in reducing sensitivity to the nuts.

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Australian wildfires have worsened African droughts and Atlantic hurricanes

A firefighter next to a forest blaze.
A firefighter next to a forest blaze.

A firefighter doing a controlled burn in Sydney, Australia before wildfire season in 2020.

The blazes set off a rare three-year La Niña from late 2019 through 2022 as smoke shifted cloud and rain belts.

Camping enthusiasts have a new reason not to bathe

Soap can cause mosquitoes to swarm. Read more little-known facts about mosquitoes.

There’s a collective noun for that

Nine crows standing by or drinking from a wading pool.
Nine crows standing by or drinking from a wading pool.

This one’s called a “murder.”

An extensive catalog supplies every word for a group of individual things you could possibly want, but fair warning, no one really has a say over which words are correct.

Don’t bother looking up... for another century

You won’t hear this for awhile.

It’s unlikely a killer asteroid will strike in that time frame, although smaller ones sure might.

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