Surprising discoveries for the week of May 8: A fit thrifted for a king, record-breaking liver drugs, koalas with STIs

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King Charles’s coronation outfit was thrifted

Photo:  Reuters
Photo: Reuters

It’s a nod to sustainability, but one re-used outfit was only a drop in the coronation’s gilded bucket.

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Many contact lenses in the US are basically forever chemicals

It’s hard to say how eye exposure to the compounds might affect health, though.

Good weather is bad for stocks

Sunshine makes bidders overly confident and less risk-averse, which, same.

One liver drug pushed Italy’s exports to China to a record high

Photo:  Carlos Garcia Rawlins (Reuters)
Photo: Carlos Garcia Rawlins (Reuters)

After one study said it could protect against covid, Chinese people are stocking up on ursodeoxycholic acid. Demand for it alone pushed Italian exports to China up to a record €3 billion ($3.3 billion) in February.

Koalas are being vaccinated against chlamydia

The bacterial disease can cause infertility and blindness in the marsupials, and we need them around for a reminder of how cute life can be, so, save them!

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