Survey by UK-based Firm Shows Mumbai is Most Stressful City in The World for Driving

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A UK-based car-sharing company Hiyacar has found in a survey that Maharashtra’s capital Mumbai is the most stressful city in the world for driving. Delhi has been ranked as the fourth such city after Paris and Jakarta, according to the survey. The fifth city is New York.

The survey covered the world’s most populated 36 cities based on various factors to study which were the most challenging for drivers.

The factors which were observed for the survey were: number of cars per capita, the total number of vehicles in the city, the severity of traffic, quality of the roads, options for public transportation, number of traffic accidents per year, and the density of the city, according to money control.

Each city received a score out of 10, which means 10 was the highest level of stress. In India, Mumbai scored 7.4, Delhi got 5.9, Bengaluru which ranked at 11 got 4.7.

The least stressful city for driving is Peru’s capital city Lima as it received 2.1 scores.

According to the Hiyacar survey, here’s a list of the 10 most stressful cities in the world for driving:

1. Mumbai in India: 7.4

2. Paris in France: 6.4

3. Jakarta in Indonesia: 6.0

4. Delhi in India: 5.9

5. New York in the US: 5.6

6. Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia: 5.3

7. Nagoya in Japan: 5.1

8. London in the United Kingdom: 5.0

9. Mexico City in Mexico: 4.9

10. Osaka in Japan: 4.9

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