Sushiro Singapore’s Facebook captions of their food are brilliant poetic nonsense

Honestly, we have no idea if the Japanese nosh at Sushiro Singapore is good, but according to its own ebulliently verbose descriptions of its food on Facebook, dining at the Upper Thomson restaurant has got to be top-notch.

The folks handling the sushi bar’s Facebook page must have a thesaurus (and a passion for poetic gobbledegook) permanently attached to their sides because the captions accompanying their food images are simply off the chain.

More often than not, the copy doesn’t even make a lick of sense, but damn we’re entranced by the elucidation they provide, like the cardinal reimaginations of actionable chugalug by seismic rouge waves pushing an unpresuming Japanese sampan.

Somebody is definitely having a laugh while composing these brilliantly flowery nonsense. Like this ramen dish filled with pork stock that tried to be friends with an albatross.

The thing is, the Facebook page hasn’t always been like this. The taste for evocative communiqués akin to algorithmic Zuckerbergian poesy seemed to have only started in March, with just a fraction of its current orotund used to describe a chirashi bowl.

But is the food at the self-described “home to some of the greatest modern-day sushi-bar fusion dining and exemplary cooks” actually good? Sushiro Singapore is repeatedly mentioned by local food blogs as one of the cheapest places to get some chirashi don around here, but it gets mixed reviews by patrons on TripAdvisor — some dub the food mediocre and not worth the queues, while many others swear by its quality.

If you ask us, we’d check out the place at least once to see if all the hype is deserved. After all, where else can you get “warm food for the obscuring soul”?

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